Malem MO3 Bedwetting Alarm


Enuresis Alarm designed to maximise success in the treatment of bedwetting. One of eight distinctly different sounds are activated when the alarm is triggered through urination.

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Malem MO3 Bedwetting Alarm
Malem MO3 Bedwetting Alarm Malem MO3 Bedwetting Alarm Malem MO3 Bedwetting Alarm
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Malem Enuresis Alarms have been designed to maximise success in the treatment of bedwetting as well as provide a safe, efficient and permanent cure. The aim of the alarm is to train the user's brain, through repetitive awakening, to exert automatic control over the bladder.

The Malem MO3 Bedwetting Alarms are ergonimically designed, discreet, colourful, compact and light. Each alarm comes with a long lasting, easy to clean sensor which is placed within the users disposable pad or between two pairs of close fitting pants. A light and one of 8 distinctly different sounds are triggered as soon as the sensor is moistened, waking the user. The alarm uses standard alkaline batteries and under normal use they should last the course of the treatment (3 months).

How to use the Bed-Wetting Alarm

1. Place the rustproof, moisture sensitive sensor inside an absorbent disposable pad/two pairs of close fitting pants/Y-front pant fold.

2.  Run the lead inside the users pyjamas upto the shoulder.

3. Attach the alarm with a safety pin or clip (provided) to the users nightwear top, close to the collarbone.

Benefits & Features

- Discreet

- Easy to Clean for Instant Re-use

- Tamper Proof - No On/Off Switch

- 8 Distinctly Different Sounds Preventing 'Auditory Accommodation'

- Sensor Locked to Alarm Avoiding Unintentional Disconnection


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Weight (kg)0.8000
Length11cm / 4"
Width16cm / 6"
Depth2cm / 0.79"

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