SafetyGel Absorbent Granules - 1.5kg


SafetyGel Absorbent Granules are designed to quickly absorb unwanted leaks and spills such as urine and vomit. They are easy to clean up and come packaged in a convenient 1.5kg tub with a handy scoop for immediate contact with fluids.

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SafetyGel Absorbent Granules - 1.5kg Tub
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Super Absorbent

SafetyGel Granules work quickly to absorb fluids. They are made using super absorbent polymer, which is the same material you’d find in many incontinence products. SafetyGel is ideal in a home or professional environment, preventing the spread of infection, saving valuable time and helping patients to feel more dignified.

Easy to Use

To use, simply apply the granules directly to fluids using the scoop provided. When the liquid is completely absorbed, the semi-solid gel can be disposed of with a pulp item in a macerator or the gel can be flushed down the toilet or slop hopper.


SafetyGel Absorbent Granules are ideal for use in hospitals and care home environments. They can be used to soak up liquids such as medical waste, urine, vomit, blood and mucus, ensuring quick absorption of unwanted fluids. Ideal to use in urinals, bedpans, washbowls and any application where spills are a constant issue.

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