Contrelle Activgard Size 2 - 30 Pack


Contrelle® Activgard is a disposable product designed to solve the problem of stress incontinence. Helps the pelvic floor to support the bladder, allowing the user to regain voluntary control.

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Contrelle Activgard Box of 30 - Size 2
Contrelle Activgard Box of 30 - Size 2 Contrelle Activgard Box of 30 - Size 2 Contrelle Activgard Box of 30 - Size 2 Contrelle Activgard Box of 30 - Size 2
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Stress incontinence is caused by the weakening of the pelvic floor, this can be because of childbirth, changes during menopause or other factors common in the ageing process. The bladder falls slightly and the angle of the bladder neck changes when the kegel muscles become weak, as a result, the muscles are no longer under voluntary control during sudden stress, for example, sneezing and coughing. The Contrelle® Activgard is a brand new approach to help solve the problem of stress incontinence. The unique design and shape means that when placed in the vagina it lifts the bladder slightly, correcting the angle of the bladder neck, as a result the user experiences a reduction in the loss of urine.

The Contrelle® Activgard is composed of a soft, moulded foam plastic material and works actively rather than passively. The Activgard supports the bladder neck and does not compress the urethra which means that urination is performed normally and can be worn for up to 16 hours.

In a studies conducted 80% of patients have reported improvement and 35% became completely continent.

Contrelle® Activgard comes in three different sizes, the user is advised to start with the Contrelle® Activgard Starter Pack (includes all three sizes) to establish which size suits them best.

How to use Contrelle® Activgard

- Saturate the Activgard with normal, clean water.

- Place the string in the notch at the bottom of the applicator and pull the Activgard over the rounded top.

- Insert the applicator and Activgard into the vagina as far as the rings on the applicator.

- Slip the string out of the notch and remove the applicator, this can be cleaned for reuse.

- The Activgard can be removed by gently pulling on the string.

Benefits & Features

- Easy To Use

- Disposable

- Discreet

- No Noticeable Side Effects


Contrelle® Activgard should be removed prior to sex. During menstruation Activgard should be changed every 4-6 hours and used in conjunction with external sanitary protection, should not be used with tampons. The user should consult with their doctor before using during pregnancy.


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