Acticuf Compression Pouch - 10 Pack


A disposable, secure and convenient pouch designed to help men manage light to moderate urinary incontinence.

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Acticuf Compression Pouches Pack of 10 - 40009
Acticuf Compression Pouches Pack of 10 - 40009 Acticuf Compression Pouches Pack of 10 - 40009 Acticuf Compression Pouches Pack of 10 - 40009
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Stress Incontinence is associated with the loss of small amounts of urine during a sudden stress, for example coughing, sneezing and exercising. This form of incontinence is considered to be more prevalent in women, but men also experience this type of bladder control problem. Stress Incontinence in men is commonly linked to prostate surgery, whereby the sphincter muscle or valve is damaged which can leave it too weak to function. Men who suffer from Stress Incontinence may find this a troubling issue and may not wish to wear pads as a form of management. The Acticuf® Compression Pouch was developed by Urological Engineer Gerald Timm as a device to help men who suffer from urinary incontinence to return to their active lifestyles.

The Acticuf® Compression Pouch is a secure and convenient way for men to manage light to moderate urinary incontinence. The pouch has a unique two-way management system of controlling and protecting: the padded closure presses gently on the urethra to prevent urinary flow and the absorbent pouch catches any leakage. The Acticuf® has a sleek design which makes it undetectable underneath clothing; it also removes the worry when using public urinals. The removal and replacing of the pouch is fast and easy and the small size means it’s convenient to carry extra’s if required.
How to use:
1.       Before applying, loosen the Acticuf® Compression Pouch by pressing on the clamp 3-4 times, this will release the tension.
2.       With the thumb and forefinger hold the Acticuf® in a horizontal position. Open the Acticuf® by squeezing the end, this will create an ‘O’ shape. The penis is then inserted into the opening of the pouch as far as possible. The pouch should still be in the horizontal position.
3.       For the Acticuf® to fit securely around the penis release the pressure. Adjust the Acticuf® as required to ensure ultimate protection and comfort.
4.       To remove the Acticuf® squeeze the shaft of the penis to prevent any urinary flow.
Benefits & Features
- Discreet
- Comfortable Padded Closure
- Easy to Use
The Acticuf® is not to be worn while sleeping. Reposition the pouch every 3-4 hours, removal to use the toilet is classed as repositioning.
More Information
Units Per Pack10
Weight (kg)0.1200
Delivery TimeNext Working Day

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